NBCPA launches mentoring programme

On behalf of the NBCPA Executive Committee, we are extremely pleased and excited to be re-launching the highly successful NBCPA internal mentoring scheme. This is in direct response to numerous requests from members and the positive evaluation results, illustrating the success of the previous programme. The previous iteration of the programme saw mentees go on to achieve great things in obtaining promotions, receiving awards and achieving success in their personal and professional lives.
The interest the NBCPA has received since the completion of the programme has been overwhelming and we, therefore, hope to meet this demand through re-launching the programme with even more mentors and mentees who will benefit from a comprehensive and interactive training and induction event.

What is the programme?
The Mentoring Programme is a voluntary programme. It has a typical duration of a maximum of 12 months, with periodic reviews. The Programme requires minimum contact between Mentors & Mentees of at least 4 hours every month which will consist of a mixture of face to face meetings, telephone calls and e-mail correspondence etc. In some circumstances, however, it can also consist of a one-off mentoring session (for example to assist or support a member with a job application or interview process) depending on the individual needs of the person requesting the mentoring/development assistance.

Who can participate?
The mentoring programme is for CPS employees only, however, both Members and Non-Members of the NBCPA can apply to be Mentors on the programme. You are encouraged to invite your BME & non-BME colleagues to apply to be mentors, as we are increasingly in need of mentors across a breadth of areas.
Please note however that only NBCPA members can apply to become Mentees on the NBCPA Mentoring Programme.

Application for places on our mentoring programme is now closed.

NBCPA, c/o Crown Prosecution Service, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9EA. Contact NBCPA

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