Don’t lose your NBCPA membership

We don't want to lose you. Renew your NBCPA membership today.

There has never been a more critical time to be a member of the National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA). If your membership is important to you, read this post and take action immediately.

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all NBCPA members must re-register for membership through our online application form by Friday 30 November 2019 or risk losing their membership.

You must re-register whether you are a longstanding member or you’ve joined the NBCPA in the last month or year. Registering takes only a few minutes.

If you do not re-register by Friday 30 November, your membership of the NBCPA will cease, you will not be eligible to participate in NBCPA elections, and we will no longer be able to contact you, after 30 November.

If you re-register by this date, your membership will continue as usual.

We don’t want to lose you! Re-register today.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the NBCPA, now is the time to join. Complete our online form to become a member.

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