NBCPA statement: Black Lives Matter

NBCPA statement: Black Lives MatterThe death of George Floyd, 46, has shone a bright global spotlight on the racism and discrimination suffered daily by black people, names known and unknown.

One important message that has emerged as a result of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and many more before them, is that which many all over the world have attempted to disseminate: Black Lives Matter.

Saying Black Lives Matter does not mean that other lives don’t matter. However, it is impossible to truly say that All Lives Matter until Black Lives Matter too. The fact that not as many racially charged incidents occur and/or are publicised in the United Kingdom does not mean that racism does not exist. If we acknowledge that there is ‘less’ of it than, for example, the USA, the presence of any degree of racism still poses a concern that must be addressed.

History and experience have confirmed that no groups of people are ever completely protected from hostility, hatred, and violence simply because they belong to, are thought to belong to, or share certain characteristics. It is this same hateful mentality that puts women in ‘their place’, mocks the disabled, derides the elderly, and keeps the LGBTQ community living in fear of being.

Racism and discrimination have no place in the CPS, the Civil Service, or the communities that we serve. We want our colleagues to join us on this journey of open dialogue and honesty so that there will no longer be any passive bystanders to inequality and exclusion. All of us need to be, encourage, and add to the change that is needed to defeat this seemingly endless cycle of hostility, prejudice, and brutality.

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