The NBCPA aims to promote Equality and Diversity within the CPS and wider Criminal Justice System. We have a record of support and development of its membership, providing a training programme which aims to promote excellence and assist the CPS to realise the vision of creating a ‘world class’ prosecuting authority.

We aim to build relationships with the communities we serve and assist the CPS to connect ‘hard to reach’ groups by devising a strategic programme of engagement and community mentoring. We have made key progress in significant areas and we are consulted on and contribute to the formation of policy within CPS

More about the NBCPA

The Association’s significant contributions have been acknowledged in numerous policy documents, and by the Director of Public Prosecution, Keir Starmer QC. The growing stature of the Association has also gained the support of the Attorney General, Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland QC.

The feat accomplished in training is second to none. The pioneering advocacy training delivered to our members by two outstanding barristers from Lincolns Inn has  been recommended and adopted by many CPS Areas. NBCPA has also made substantial in-roads to equip members with skills in psychometric testing and assessment centre. Enormous strides have also been made in confidence building for staff at all grades.

Benefits for members:
  • Source of support, information and guidance
  • Support personal development of members
  • Allow for sharing of experience
  • Empower staff by increasing knowledge
  • Build confidence amongst network members
  • Offer a safe, mutually supportive environment to discuss and address issues
Benefits for the wider organisation:
  • Provide support for the organisation on equality and diversity
  • Help ensure better policy making
  • Provide role models for progress
  • Increase sense of belonging and commitment to the organisation
  • Contribute to better motivated staff
  • Demonstrate CPS commitment to equality and diversity
group of NBCPA members

Some of our NBCPA staff