Find out about the NBCPA and how we promote equality and diversity within the CPS and criminal justice system.

The NBCPA aims to promote equality and diversity within the CPS and wider criminal justice system. We have a record of support and development of its membership, providing a training programme which aims to promote excellence and assist the CPS to realise the vision of creating a ‘world class’ prosecuting authority.

The National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA) is a staff network of the Crown Prosecution Service established in 2001. The aim of the NBCPA is to work with the Crown Prosecution Service to improve the working environment of members of the NBCPA employed in the CPS or other prosecuting civil service departments,
and to assist in the delivery of a fair and equitable service to all sections of the community.

The definition of ‘black’ is one that emphasises the common experience and determination of people of African, African-Caribbean, Asian, mixed and other minority ethnic origins to oppose the effects of racism.

The NBCPA works in partnership with the CPS to achieve our objectives. The main objective of the NBCPA is to work towards equality of opportunity, establish a level playing field for all staff to achieve their potential, and give BAME staff a voice that is listened to and backed from the very top.

We are working in parallel with the Crown Prosecution Service to make progress against each of our four strategic priorities: high quality casework, the success of our people, public confidence and continuously improving.

We aim to build relationships with the communities we serve and assist the CPS to connect ‘hard to reach’ groups by devising a strategic programme of engagement and community mentoring. We have made key progress in significant areas and we are consulted on and contribute to the formation of policy within CPS.

The NBCPA provides a strong voice for diversity and inclusion within the CPS. Since joining the NBCPA, I have been able to get involved in exciting and influential projects.

The NBCPA has exposed me to many opportunities within CPS and helped me to network more.

The NBCPA activities that underpin our aims are as follows:

  • Representing the views of members of the NBCPA to all stakeholders;
  • Providing a support network including representation for members;
  • Influencing the direction of policies nationally in line with equality issues and anti-discrimination policies in the CPS, other prosecuting Civil Service departments and the wider Criminal Justice System;
  • Advising and consulting on matters of racism nationally;
  • Working towards improving relationships between the CPS, other prosecuting Civil Service departments, the police, courts and the minority ethnic communities;
  • Working towards improving recruitment, retention and progression of staff members employed in the CPS and other prosecuting Civil Service departments;
  • Providing input into the CPS and other prosecuting Civil Service departments in the development of new and existing policies where necessary;
  • Establishing relationships and working with other groups and individuals whose aims are compatible with or supportive of the NBCPA.

We are grateful for the commitment and support of the CPS senior management team who support us and value the contribution we make to the continuous improvements in the CPS service delivery.

NBCPA, c/o Crown Prosecution Service, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9EA. Contact NBCPA

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