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The NBCPA internal Mentoring Programme is a voluntary programme accessible by all members of the NBCPA. Typically the mentor/mentee relationship lasts for a maximum period of 12 months with periodic reviews. However, it can also include one-off mentoring sessions (for example to assist or support a member with a job application or interview process) depending on the individual needs of the person requesting the mentoring/development support.

The aims and objectives of the NBCPA Mentoring Programme are as follows:

  • To support mentees in their career development aspirations;
  • Generate positive dialogue about the impact of the mentee’s work and role within the Crown Prosecution Service;
  • Where appropriate, address some strategies and tips to manage issues of fair treatment or inequality at work;
  • To provide an opportunity for mentors to develop leadership skills and gain greater understanding of the diverse experiences of staff from a protected characteristic group (BAME).

Some of the areas that the Mentoring Programme covers are:

    • Personal empowerment (confidence building & assertiveness);
    • Leadership skills;
    • Communication Skills (oral and written);
    • Negotiation and influencing skills;
    • Conflict resolution;
    • Public speaking;
    • Creating a personal impact;
    • Corporate awareness and strategic thinking;
    • Career progression including application form process, interviewing skills and CV writing
    • Work life balance
    • Any other areas of personal development & training need that are identified.

Contact us if you would like to sign up as a mentee or a mentor.

NBCPA, c/o Crown Prosecution Service, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9EA. Contact NBCPA

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